How to clean wool garments ?

The best way to clean a wool garment is to dab it with a cloth soaked in a mixture of 20 grams of soap, a liter of lukewarm water and a tablespoon of ammonia. Take the necessary precautions when handling ammonia: Do not breathe in the vapors (wear a mask or a scarf over your nose and mouth, ventilate the room and wear rubber gloves). The second step is to apply a damp cloth, then a dry one, on the garment. Finally, let it dry naturally.

Maintaining wool

Do not keep wool clothing in plastic dust covers. - Avoid wearing it daily in order to let it "breathe". Hang your wool clothes on a thick or padded hanger - Avoid overfilling pockets as it may distort the garment. Brush it regularly with a clothes brush. To remove wrinkles, simply hang it in a humid room or moisten it lightly before gently drying it with a hair dryer set on "low".

Special case: handling black wool

To prevent a black wool dress from becoming pale, rub it evenly with a brush dipped in coffee. Always brush in the same direction. Then place the garment in a location away from direct heat sources to dry.

Washing wool

To wash a wool garment, dab it with a cloth soaked in a mixture of soap diluted in a liter of warm water and ammonia. Then hang on a hanger after having applied a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.