Blancatex has been manufacturing wool for over 45 years for both domestic and international markets (Europe, Middle East).
We offer a broad selection of fine and traditional materials (wool, angora, cashmere).
We select the finest fibers to provide the highest product quality.


We follow a strict quality control process at every stage of production. After being subjected to rigorous quality controls in our labs, our fabrics are sent by our own shipping department - this guaranties that the order will be delivered in accordance with the clients' specifications.

Specific processing (stain resistance, waterproofing, etc.) and innovative processing (specific touch and feel).

Flexibility of dyes (fibers, yarns, fabrics).
As master dyers, we are able to add to our fabrics the color of your choice no matter how demanding the request. As an integrated industry, we adapt to the needs of the client. From yarn manufacturing to tailoring, we adjust our production to your specific requirements, both as co-contractors or individually, throughout all stages of production up to the finished product.

Managing our buffer stocks and supplies enables us to produce small lines to meet your orders on schedule.